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Maurice Sendak no more some more [2] · 11 May 2012, 17:29 by Jean Rajotte

Wonderful author. And wild thing himself. Here’s a very good interview.

CBC in peril! Very important, but also funny! [0] · 3 January 2012, 18:36 by Jean Rajotte

Booooh! Lance Fury is a wimp! Hissss! Booooh!

Why do courts even consider stuff like this? [0] · 19 April 2010, 21:34 by Jean Rajotte

A strange story seems to be unfolding for real: Wayne Crookes wants to freeze the net, where the plaintiff is claiming that an Internet link on a web page is equivalent to publishing the contents the link is pointing to…

Waltz with Bashir [0] · 26 January 2009, 21:55 by Jean Rajotte

An amazing movie, ever so relevant and very touching, is also a graphic novel about to be released. Here are excerpts of the novel, via TomDispatch .

Western Spaghetti to go [0] · 10 July 2008, 18:02 by Jean Rajotte

A clever and cute stop-motion short. Looks yummy!!

Naomi Klein thunks [0] · 21 April 2008, 20:35 by Jean Rajotte

Naomi Klein as a talking head! Strange visuals (or lack thereof), but most interesting “big thinking”. I subscribe to her point of view wholeheartedly.

I should be asleep now, but... [0] · 15 April 2008, 07:02 by Jean Rajotte

I’ve been watching yet another TED.COM talk which is very inspiring. Along the same lines of Michael Pollan’s ideas on sustainable agriculture, Janice Benyus shows how what she calls biomimicry could impact technology and business to lead us to create sustainable and prosperous systems. I love her sanity!

Amazing music visualization [0] · 10 April 2008, 04:13 by Jean Rajotte

An exploratory music visualization. I like the music, the mood of the whole piece. Plus, it shows lyrics. On Vimeo, flight404 describes his/her process.

For Love Of Water [0] · 8 April 2008, 02:59 by Jean Rajotte

The site for the movie tells us:

Water is the essence of life, sustaining every being on this planet. Without water, there would simply be no plants, no animals, and no people. But the global water supply isn’t just at risk, it’s already in crisis.

Schneier says "Refuse to be Terrorized" [0] · 5 December 2007, 19:00 by Jean Rajotte

Bruce Schneier, one of the designers of the 5-star twofish public-domain encryption algorithm, is always a good read on matters of security. His essay Refuse to be Terrorized, from Sept. 2006, is as relevant today as it was then and before. His thesis is that terrorism succeeds when it makes us afraid. He argues that terrorist acts are no different than any other risks in our lives (like driving a car, getting mugged, whatever…). And he does the math on how the current “counter-measures” are awfully counter-productive.

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