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jra_alias_urls textpattern plugin [1] · 25 October 2010, 15:58 by Jean Rajotte

This textpattern plugin allows you to assign an arbitrary number of alias URLs to articles.

jra_link_admin_date [1] · 15 March 2010, 16:24 by Jean Rajotte

A textpattern plugin, for TXP 4.2.0 and up, that provides a date/time prompt to managed links.

jra_links [6] · 3 November 2007, 05:56 by Jean Rajotte

A textpattern plugin which replaces the native link_to_prev and link_to_next by introducing additional section and sort attributes. Download the plugin source here (updated link, used to be v0.1).

rsx_page_number [10] · 20 October 2007, 18:57 by Jean Rajotte

A new version of Ramanan Sivaranjan ‘s textpattern plugin, originally found on I’ve added some options and a new tag. You may download it here: rsx_page_number_v4.0.txt

External Link Textpattern Plugin [4] · 8 October 2007, 02:35 by Jean Rajotte

Yeah! My first txp plugin. I use external links all the time and have longed for a simple way to write them WITHOUT client-side Javascript dependency. I looked for this in other plugins to no avail…