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Fair trade world music!! [0] · 19 November 2007, 23:09 by Jean Rajotte

Calabash is a DRM-free MP3 web store with lovely world rhythms. I’ve just started scratching the surface. Download prices bet. $0.75 – $0.99 per song. I just found a new way to spend the money I don’t have!

Adam Benjamin Elliot [0] · 5 October 2007, 21:40 by Jean Rajotte

Atom Films now allows us to embed movies in our own pages. Cool!

Here are a couple of shorts from an Australian director, Adam Benjamin Elliot, famous for the award-winning Harvie Krumpet.

Lovely bunch of quotes [0] · 14 September 2007, 19:48 by Jean Rajotte

Nary a one that’s dud-ly… (Oh well, that link is broken…)

So here’s a different link of poetic insults. It’s not that insults are a good thing, but the wit always tickles me.

A conference on Uranium Weapons [0] · 12 September 2007, 21:44 by Jean Rajotte

Poster for Uranium Weapon Conference

Don’t you just hate those Uranium Weapons that kill on the spot and keep on killing for millions of years. I do!

Printing a document like a booklet [0] · 13 June 2007, 04:58 by Jean Rajotte

Here’s a trick to print a document like a booklet…

Matt Taibbi [0] · 21 February 2007, 14:12 by Jean Rajotte

Last week I came across this Matt Taibbi guy, a American journalist w/ Rolling Stone.

Just say NO to North American Integration [0] · 3 October 2006, 19:56 by Jean Rajotte

These articles just “crossed my desk”.

Deep Integration Planned at Secret Conference Ignored by the Media

Urgent ACTION Required! Canadians Must Say NO to BILL C-16!

:) 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society [0] · 7 July 2006, 16:06 by Jean Rajotte

TDSB Facilities Survey Supplemental [0] · 26 January 2006, 05:24 by Jean Rajotte

Welcome here [0] · 10 November 2005, 06:58 by Jean Rajotte

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