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Printing a document like a booklet · 13 June 2007, 04:58 by Jean Rajotte

Here’s a trick to print a document like a booklet…

So you’re using a word processor and you want to print your many pages like a booklet:

  • 2 pages per sheet,
  • double-sided,
  • folded in the middle.
  1. How should the pages be sequenced?
  2. How do you print them in that sequence?

Here’s a simple solution I gleaned out there, and a little calculator I just made up.

Let the word processor do its work and just enter your document in its natural order (page 1, 2, etc.) When it’s time to print, in the print dialog, select to print specific pages. Usually you need to enter a comma-separated list of numbers. Use the following calculator to get that sequence:

Enter the number of pages (a multiple of 4)

Sequence of pages for a booklet

Highlight the above, Edit|Copy, and paste in the print dialog.

Feel free to download the Javascript source code and use it as you please.


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